Hey all, This is really the first post in my new WordPress blog (although technically the third). Tomorrow, er today, I will begin my new routine for the summer, which means waking up earlyish (before 10AM!) and going to sleep relatively early (before 1AM!) so that I can awaken at said earlyish time. I really want to get something accomplished this summer, so that I just don’t waste away in the depths of despondency (get it?).

Anyways, tomorrow I hope to accomplish several reasonable goals:

  1. Get up and get ready before 10AM.
  2. Train sister for volleyball camp.
  3. Make some progress on beginning my ‘projects’.
  4. Establish ‘routine’.
  5. Plan Saturday out with Diane and Rebecca.

Hopefully, since these goals aren’t too ambitious, I can get some work done on them and not feel like a complete failure :]

And as a final treat for you readers, some organizational stuff about my various websites!

  • ChrisKwan.com – This is my personal website. Eventually, it will host my resume and some of my ‘projects’.
  • ChrisKwan.WordPress.com (this site) – This is the companion website to my personal website. I really like WordPress, so I will be using it to document news and updates and to rant about my life.
  • Squiggle Lion – This is my webcomic! (and possibly Becca’s too if she ever decides to work on it). Not really a webcomic in the traditional sense (but what is the traditional sense of webcomics anyways?). At the moment, it displays some crazy spur-of-the-moment drawings that I had no choice but to create in MSPaint, as well as some vestiges from 8th grade. Once I get my act together, this will update in regular intervals.
  • Scribble Lion – Scribble Lion is the companion site to Squiggle Lion because sometimes it’s just easier to express yourself in overly melodramatic poetry or songs about cats. If you enjoyed the “Space Cats Battle Rap,” you might want to consider looking into ‘Scribble Lion’ (do I sound like a librarian?) What began as a subpage of ‘Squiggle Lion’ has now branched off into its own domain chock full of emos and cats!
  • nKnownSol – What is this?

Well, thanks for reading and look forward to stuff in the coming future!

<)))><| Chris