Oh man! It’s 07-07-07! Craaazy! I just had to write a new blog post to commemorate this moment. And what better thing to write about than Marvel Ultimate Alliance! Too many exclamation points!

Anyways, my team started out with Mr. Fantastic, Spiderman, Moon Knight, and Ms. Marvel. I mainly chose them because of what I read on GameFAQs and Ms. Marvel because I wanted a girl and/or flyer on the team and with her I got both. After playing though, I didn’t really enjoy playing as Moon Knight or Mr. Fantastic. Upon a second read of the GameFAQ guide, I realized that the only reason why I chose Moon Knight was because of his Xtreme special (and because Ari said he wanted to try him) and the reason why I chose Mr. Fantastic was because of his crazy boost and damage potential. But realizing that gameplay wouldn’t be that fun by repeating the same two skills, which I already had, I decided to swap them both out.

To fill Moon Knight’s place, the choice was clear: Deadpool. Playing as Deadpool in the family game was pretty sweet. Teleporting! Albeit limited-more-like-big-jump teleporting, it’s still some sort of teleporting and totally awesome. Also, I realized that in the family game, my dad would be playing as him so my solo-game would be my only chance to bask in Deadpool’s teleporting glory.

Mr. Fantastic’s spot was a more difficult position to fill. The only character that I really wanted to try playing as was Dr. Strange. Why? His black magic abilities and teleporting of course. Unlike Deadpool’s double jump, Dr. Strange’s teleport is an actual move that is used to run away. Sweet. The only hindrance to my plan is that Dr. Strange isn’t available until later in the game. So I resigned to using Mr. Fantastic’s spot to test out different characters.

So far, I have tested Iron Man, Captain America and Wolverine and gotten all their second costumes by playing as them in the simulator missions. Iron Man is pretty cool with his speed boost and his powerful plasma shot (flying is a nice bonus too), but he kept getting beat down in the simulators and do I really need another long range? (I guess I don’t really need another melee either). From what I’ve read, his best quality seems to be his energy reroute ability which increases energy for the whole team. Maybe in the future, Iron Man, but for now, no (besides, Ari used him exclusively and I want to try something new).

Next, I decided to swap in Captain America. It was between him and Wolverine, but the Capt.’s shield throw ability with the player controlling the shield’s movement with the left control stick just tipped the scales in the Capt’s favor. The shield throw was indeed amazingly fun and the shield bash or whatever was also pretty neat. I made it all the way to the boss of the simulator level before the Capt expired, but then had to rely on my old friends Deadpool and Spidey to finish the job. Overall, the Capt seemed an excellent prospect.

After that though, I had to give Wolverine the same chance, even though the Captain had almost completely won me over. Let me just say, Wolverine is insane! I’ve never played with a character with such speed and intensity. While playing as Wolvy, I felt really really angry for some reason. He took me all the way through the simulator mission and even annihilated that Super whatever in melee, literally ripping through everything.

Now, I have a tough decision to make. And man, I’m going back to that default team that the game sets you up with! As far as Dr. Strange is concerned, I’m going to make my Marvel team without him, but upgrade my Team bench to reserve him a spot. But who should fill in for him? Captain America or Wolverine? Or should my Team bench have two spots?

<)))><| Chris