When you find yourself bored at work and despising the NATO phonetic alphabet, there’s only one thing to do: make your own phonetic alphabet!

We have these phonetic alphabet lists taped to the sides of our computer monitors at my school tech support job, to aid customers in typing in commands over the phone. They’re pretty useful, but sometimes you just get tired of all those Sierra’s and Tango’s and want to spice up the phone conversation a bit. Or perhaps not. But sometimes a well placed phonetic alphabet letter can disarm even the most irate of customers (note: I haven’t tested this out yet).

Aaron made a pretty snazzy animal themed phonetic alphabet. Tito and I worked on the Harry Potter alphabet. Tito also finished his old-people-names + quidditch list, while I worked on my extreme awesome list (still not done). I did manage to make a sickeningly cute list, which I may post later. Still in the pipeline are the first 150 Pokemon list and the Breakfast list (for making those early mornings even more fun!). And of course there is the infamous confusing words list, which even one of our bosses got into.

I will get to posting some/all of these lists eventually. For now, here is a list of all the phonetic alphabets we have made in order of approximate date of creation, earliest to latest:

Completed lists:

  • Animals (Aaron, help from me)
  • Harry Potter (me, Tito, Aaron, others)
  • Old People Names (Tito)
  • Sickeningly Cute (me)

Incomplete lists:

  • Extreme Awesome (me)
  • Ultimate/Confusing words (me, Aaron, Ryan, Justin, Clare, others)
  • Breakfast fun (me)
  • 1st 150 Pokemon (me)
  • Girls names that I like (me)