Woke up a little while ago from a dream in which I went to an ice skating rink to watch a promising new sport: ice skating with angry hamsters. A group of professionals, I guess you could call them, were employed by the rink to just skate around on the ice while slightly larger than normal hamsters ferociously chased them down. The surprisingly fleet-footed hamsters launched themselves at the skaters and promptly clamped their jaws upon the toes of the skates of anyone unfortunate enough to cross their paths. What was even more fun was the fact that the public could participate in the sport. Adventurous spectators had the option of lacing up their own skates to play hokey-pokey with the hamsters. At one point, whole families even took to the ice together. Parents held on tightly to their little children, gently tugging them away from the rabid rodents – a perfect way to dissuade the little ones from wanting that new pet.

The night before, I also had an interesting dream involving animals. Central park was filled with dozens of a new species: a little dog or hog with small wings (kind of like Donkey’s babies in Shrek 3). People called them imps. It was probably the beginning of the apocalypse or some other crazy shenanigan.