• Rockefeller Center to try and get tickets, sold out so we got for Saturday
  • Took pics of big tree and skating pond
  • Nintendo World was closed 😦
  • Magnolia Bakery to mac on some cupcakes! (Red velvet + New Years special)
  • MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) for half an hour – huge wall display of video of naked woman rolling around and nature stuff
  • Battery Park / Castle Clinton for Liberty/Ellis Island Cruise
  • Walked up 156 stairs of the Statue of Liberty monument
  • No more cruises to Ellis Island, took boat back to NY, realize that Simon left his backpack in the locker on Liberty Island!
  • Simon takes ferry back and ends up going to Ellis Island instead
  • Nate goes back to hotel for a nap
  • Ted and Chris take bus to seaport area to have crepes (Chris got nasty caviar crepe) and see Bodies exhibit
  • Like Body Worlds but more focused on info, no angel wings, human drawers, or 3 headed camel
  • Dinner with Simon’s many relatives in restaurant in Chinatown
  • Go back home to settle Ted’s bill in the lobby with wifi
  • Chris and Simon plan next day and write meeting reports