Dialga on the Spear Pillar in 3D

Dialga on the Spear Pillar in 3D



I just caught Dialga, one of the main legendaries of Pokemon Diamond, with a Quick Ball (a pokeball that works well if used in the first 5 turns of battle) on the first turn without doing any damage to it!  It was like I just used a Master Ball.  Okay end of extremely dorky post.


As I finished watching Episode 35 of Death Note (which is an amazing anime btw – highly recommended!) the preview for Episode 36 came on and revealed that the episode title would be “1.28” in reference to that particular date. In real time (EST), today is 1/27, meaning tomorrow will be 1/28! Whoa! This is the second crazy time-coincidence that I’ve had while watching Death Note. The first was during an earlier episode that had a time display in one scene. As I watched the scene, I glanced quickly at my computer taskbar to check the real time and aaaah both times were 4:37 (or some other time, but they were the same!) Crazy.


The websites of Yahoo and AOL (Thanks to Justin for pointing this out):


Wow, I never knew you could print-screen screen-savers. Neat! Now I’ve got a more space efficient way to save those electric sheep.


Cream of Mushroom Soup + Ramen Noodles + Sriracha (Spicy Red Rooster sauce) = Whoaa good