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Testing this out by posting this now since I just posted a bunch of things were I modified the publish date to a date in the past.  I might have to import them all again manually.

With winter break beginning now and studying abroad in Shanghai coming up, I’m going to try and keep this blog updated more regularly.  Stay tuned!

I really should be working on my project, but here is a quick tangent on some application launchers I tried out.

Find And Run Robot – (launches with Ctrl + Space by default)

  • Pros: Simple, easy to use interface with small icons; low resource usage; free
  • Cons: Searches can take a long time for programs/files not accessed recently; no keywords/other operations besides finding and running.

Dash Command – (launches with Ctrl + Dash by default)

  • Pros: Pretty interface, smooth animation; customizable commands
  • Cons: Not free

Launchy – (launches with Alt + Space by default)

  • Pros: Beautiful yet simple interface (sort of like Dash Command) with pictured icons; speedy search; very customizable; other features like web searching and calculations, free
  • Cons: Heavy resource consumption, upwards of 90% CPU usage, my fan almost immediately quiets down significantly when I end the Launchy process.

Keybreeze – (launches with ; by default) – what I am using right now

  • Pros: free, simple no-frills interface without icons, very fast, very customizable with a plethora of keyboards (very easy to add your own to the presets), many additional features including website launching, web searches, calculations, and sticky-notes; very low resource consumption.
  • Cons: default hot-key is a bit convenient for someone who programs :-], but this is easy to change (I changed it to Ctrl + ; ); the indexing that Keybreeze does does not seem to be as comprehensive as that of the other programs, but keywords can be easily added.

Constantly updated!

  • Take apart and try to repair PS2 :p
  • Write more detailed and significant blog entries (trivia?, HCI presentation, major choices, emoz)
  • Linuzzz + organize files
  • Update squigglelion with drawings from the reserve
  • Make one of those trendy quizzes on Facebook
  • Think of catchy name for said quiz

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