• 3 roommates had left room already when we woke up
  • Breakfast at Grand Central Station (almond pastry, Citrus Naked juice, Orangeade Snapple for bus ride home)
  • Walked with Nate to his bus stop
  • Nate leaves
  • Simon and Chris go to Columbus Circle
  • Look for CNN building but cannot find it
  • Go to the mall – very nice, two large statues of very large people
  • Interesting art gallery on 2nd floor – a picture of an xray of a tractor and a man riding it
  • Samsung Experience: screens under glass, camera overhead tracks the movements of your hands over the glass so you can navigate around a map of the city
  • Samsung store has nice coaches and displays
  • Cartoon network store
  • Train back to Penn Station to get on corner near Tick Tock diner for Bolt bus
  • Chris gets on the Bolt bus to go back home to Boston.
  • Chris is home!